In today’s world SMEs and Start-Ups need to be very careful in the whole area of HR Management. It can be a minefield of rights, legislation, procedures, etc. And in dealing with day to day HR issues such as, discipline, grievances, employee performance, employment contracts, redundancies, payment issues and terms and conditions, companies need to get the best and most up to date advice there is.

SME Corp delivers this critical advice on the full range of HR issues. And what’s more, our advice is tailored to the precise needs of you the customer and is handled by one of our experts in that particular area

Most SMEs that have engaged us as their HR partner have significantly reduced the number of HR issues that require crisis management.

Further detail on these services can be provided to any SME and Start-up that feels that they could benefit from such services.

SME Corp’s main focus is to address the people needs of the SME and start-up market at an affordable rate, without sacrificing the quality.

HR support is not just for large corporate firms. In fact in small companies it’s even more important that each and every employee is engaged to deliver. Our approach is to build a relationship with you (face-to-face when necessary) to deal with those issues which are preventing you from focusing on the business.

Wide range of HR services are available to our SME clients.

  • Practical HR Advice
  • Performance & Development
  • Hr Documentation
  • Redundancy
  • Recruitment
  • Skill Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Organising JOB FAIRS
For more information on any of our services and how we could help your business, please fill in the “Request a Quote Form” We shall get back to you shortly.